Thursday, May 12, 2016

Michael Dooley: Je Suis Siné: A Lifetime of Anti-Imbecile Cartoon Provocation

Print Magazine's contributing editor Michael Dooley writes a wonderful remembrance of the provocative French cartoonist Maurice Sinet, better known as Siné in "Je Suis Siné: A Lifetime of Anti-Imbecile Cartoon Provocation."

Michael parses the fact that Siné was an unapologetic anti-semite with the man's work. The question is

" ... how to fairly evaluate, and appreciate, the quality of a work, not “regardless of” but “in addition to” the quality of its maker. And let’s not even digress into Charlie Hebdo, which I discussed here and here following last January’s unconscionable, murderous attacks on its office, and where he and other staffers often traded in grotesque racial and ethnic caricature."

He cites others who were racists, and whose character is now forgotten. Read his article Editorial Cartoonist Thomas Nast: Anti-Irish, Anti-Catholic Bigot? to see what I mean! 

Sadly, I agree with him that Siné's death at 87 a week ago today got little attention to date here in North America. Maybe he was too French. But, the "sheer graphic force" of his art have no language barrier. Take a look at Michael Dooley's article to see thirty examples of Siné's art and see for yourself.

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