Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Artist Strikes Back Against Store Looking for "Unpaid Artist" Job

Sainsbury's, one of the leading food retailers in the UK, wants a “creative and ambitious artist” to refurbish its staff break room for free. They put out the above ad recently.

They will not pay.

Artists are not happy with the non-compensation. Katie Marie Andrews for instance:

If you follow the #payartists hashtag, you can see a lot more. 

Someone -- no one on the Internet knows for sure -- posted this response on the right:

Here's a reaction from Sainsbury's, according to The Telegraph:

A spokesperson for Sainsbury's has responded to the online backlash, saying they are discussing the issue with the store in Camden. 
They said: "We’re discussing this with our store in Camden. The advert was placed in the local paper following a colleague discussion around ways to improve the canteen and offer an opportunity to the local community.

"It is not our policy to hire volunteers and we are sorry for this error of judgement."

Hat tip to Jim Nolan for this! Thanks, Jim!

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