Friday, November 18, 2016

DOLLY DIMPLES by Grace G. Drayton

DOLLY DIMPLES by Grace G. Drayton (1877-1936) was an oh-so-cute little girl comic strip syndicated in the Hearst newspapers from 1908 to 1911. Its follow up was DIMPLES, which was the same kind of strip cute-kid-gets-into-scrapes stories, and lasted for four years beginning in 1914.

She continued to do magazine work and advertising, as well as a few more strips. Mrs. Drayton is perhaps best known for creating the apple-cheeked Campbell Kids advertising icon.

She was the first woman cartoonist to be syndicated by Hearst.

Here is a Sunday DIMPLES titled "Everybody Gets It But the Kitty." I picked this up at the Arundel, ME flea market. It had been cut and pasted together like a little book. The fellow selling it had a boxful of them and told me that he thought some little girl fan of the comic strip did this about 100 years ago.

It's very, very cute and wonderfully preserved for being about 100 years old.

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Smurfswacker said...

Strange. Dimples speaks in stereotype black dialect: "Ise goin' to borrow de garden hose." And in the final panel Dimples' balloon points instead to a decapitated head lying on her bed.