Thursday, November 17, 2016

Inkvember 2016

Sometimes, when you draw, you draw the most mundane things. Here is a sketch of some people at a grocery store because I had, of course, just come back from the grocery store. Boring? Ah well.

Sketches from the sketchbook for November, or #Inkvember or #Novinkber or whatever the social media deciders are calling this. Let's just call it a "SketchOfTheDay and be done with it.

These are all drawn in ink and sometime some watercolors for the wash or the color treatment. Created with no pencil foundation, just ink on paper and just for fun.

Below is a drawing of people I do not know nicked from a Facebook page.

I worked from left to right on this, first drawing the dude playing and then the woman and then the fellow trying to read.

One for Friday:

Another days of the week idea for a gag:

A page of spooky drawings for the Monster Mash drawing class:

I drew these figures thru one morning. I would draw one and then go do something else, then come back and draw another.

Another drawing of people I do not know that I nicked from a Facebook profile. I have to say I am really drawing these for myself and don't really consider these at all finished or polished. Just an exercise I find interesting. I used to draw the "Just Married" couples' headshot photos from the Sunday Times social section. This is better since these are real middle class people.

A hairy ukelele-playing dude:

Upset chicken drawn on a diner placemat:

Angry dude in the grocery. Real men don't shop!

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