Friday, November 11, 2016

Life Magazine October 24, 1918

(Above: magnificent cover drawn by Rea Irvin, Harold Ross' "art consultant" on The New Yorker magazine. He is remembered by history as the artist of the very first cover, the Eustace Tilley portrait, as well as the creator of the distinctive New Yorker typeface.)

Here are a few scanned cartoon illustrations from what's called the "old Life magazine." It's called the "old Life" because it was a humor magazine back then full of illustrations. The Life Magazine that we know was the opposite: news and photos. 

100 years ago, what was called The Great War was going on and here are many grand humorous comments on the war (and a few on home life).  

I have written in a credit where I could ID the signature. Other than a few names, like Irvin, Percy Crosby, Sullivant -- most are not known to me. 

T.S. Sullivant:

R.B. Fuller:

T.S. Sullivant:

Percy Crosby:

Crawford Young:

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