Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Jack Ziegler 1942 - 2017

"Hello? Beasts of the Field? This is Lou, over in Birds of the Air.
Anything funny going on at your end?"

Above: Jack Ziegler's first New Yorker drawing, originally published in the February 11, 1974 issue.

Very sad news. New Yorker cartoonist Jack Ziegler passed away before noon today in Kansas City. He was 74 years old. As of this time, no cause of death is cited.

I'm shocked and surprised. Ziegler was one of the best.

2017 is a horror so far.

Liza Donnelly:

"Heartbroken. Groundbreaking, great cartoonist from The New Yorker, Jack Ziegler, has died. Jack was a wonderful person, good friend and I looked up to him like a brother in the cartoon world --even though we did not see much of each other in recent years. I admired his work from the moment I saw it, and was influenced by his cartoons. His cartoons said: push the form, explore what's possible, its a whacky world. He probably said that too. God, I will miss him."

Michael Maslin has a remembrance here, as well as links to his October 2016 interview.


Jason Curtis said...

This is very sad news. I adore his work.

Tom F. - NYC said...

In a population of incredibly talented New Yorker cartoonists, Jack stood out for his unique style and meandering thought process. I always looked for his work when opening the magazine and hate to see him go.