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Dick Buchanan's Cartoon File: 1945 - 1962

Dick Buchanan has located, scanned and now shares some great old gems from the piles of magazines he has saved in his Village apartment. I'm thankful to Dick for sharing these, and adding some notes of his own about the cartoonists. Take it away, Dick!


In these perilous times many find solace in the teachings of the Old Masters. They tell us the best-known antidote to Tragedy is Comedy. In that spirit, here are some mid-century gag cartoons, carefully chosen with the same haphazard abandon with which many of them were created in the first place. These taken from a file labeled “Laugh or else.”

1. LEO SALKIN. American Legion Magazine. November, 1945

2. ORLANDO BUSINO. For Laughing Out Loud. October–December, 1960

3. DICK CAVALLI. American Legion Magazine. October, 1949

4. JOHN GALLAGHER. 1000 Jokes Magazine. March-May, 1962

5. GEORGE GATELY. Looking to make easy money drawing cartoons, Gately followed older brother John Gallagher into gag cartooning racket. He created the comic strip Heathcliff in 1964. American Legion Magazine. July, 1960

6. SALO ROTH. Liberty Magazine. November, 1946

7. EARLE LEVENSTEIN. Collier’s. November 23,1956

8. JOHN DEMPSEY. The Saturday Evening Post. January 27, 1951

9. MARY GIBSON. American Magazine. July, 1952

10. DICK STROME. The Saturday Evening Post. 1950’s

11. CHARLES PEARSON. American Magazine. September,1953

12. CEM (Charles E. Martin) Just one of many, many wordless panels Martin did over the years. They appeared any and anywhere. It’s a good guess he drew more of these than there were magazines. The Saturday Evening Post. June 14, 1947

12. VIRGIL PARTCH. Great example of the “single word” cartoon, a rare cartoon genre. As always, VIP excels. True Magazine. February, 1947

14. AL ROSS. In the 1960’s Al Ross’ work reached a new level. 1000 Jokes Magazine. March-May,1960

15. LEONARD DOVE. Look Magazine. October 24,1961.

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