Friday, March 24, 2017

From the Dick Buchanan Files: "How I Create Humor" from 1950s - 60s Gag Cartoon Insider Journal "The Information Guide" Part 2

Dick Buchanan delves into his pile of cartoon magazines of past decades, and unearths "The Information Guide," a publication for cartoonists from the "golden age of magazine cartooning:" the 1940s thru the 60s.

Dick has scanned in the "How I Create Humor" section from a number of issues. The regular feature was written by and for gag cartoonists. This is part two. Part one is here.

Here's Dick:

HOW I CREATE HUMOR (1955--1964)
Here are more pages from The Information Guide, the trade journal for cartoonists published George Hartman in the late 1950’s and 1960’s.
True to its name, each issue of The Information Guide provided valuable information for cartoonists, new market listings, tips on dealing with editors as well as providing a forum where issues confronting the working cartoonist were raised. George also always had plenty of money making ideas and lots of encouragement for everyone.
Then, as now, everyone needed help with gag writing. “Gawge” encouraged his subscribers to contribute their thoughts on the subject and the result was How I Create Humor.
Some of the George’s better-known supporters were Bob Zahn, Cliff Johnson, Mel Millar, Larry Barth, Lowell Hoppes, Carl Kohler, Marvin Townsend, and Howard Paris.
My checkered career in humor got a big boost thanks to George, as did many.

1. GLUECK. Bob Glueckstein, a minor market whiz, was one of those capable knocking out a 

batch of 10 to 15 cartoons in a couple hours for an obscure trade journal and sell most of them. 

2. JACK FLYNN. His cartoons appeared in many magazines, best known for his “adult” work in the many Humorama and similar cartoon/pinup publications of the day.

3. HAL MONEY. No information, but he was a Information Guide regular.

4. LOWELL HOPPES. A veteran cartoonist whose work appeared in major magazines ranging from The Saturday Evening Post Parade, Highlights for Children as well as the Humorama line.

5. CARL KOHLER. Carl Kohler was a West Coast cartoonist, who also published Cartoonyfeller’s Digest, another trade journal for cartoonists and gag writers in the mid 1950’s. Later, Kohler and Pete Miller founded the very successful CARtoons magazine in 1959.

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Anonymous said...

HAL MONEY (1923-2000) was a gag cartoonist who worked mostly for the girlie mags like HUMORAMA, SEX to SEXTY and HUSTLER HUMOR. He was born and resided in Wilmington, DE for most of his life.

Unknown said...

Good job-appreciate the info. In those days, many of the minor market guys sold to Humorama and the other. Humorama paid little, only $15 or $20, I think. Easy money for minor marketers, and for major market cartoonists, another dumping ground for their unsold "generals." Stan Fine, Al Kaufman and others appeared there all the time. Some cartoonists stayed away, fearing it may hurt their reputation. Some used pen names. As mere high schooler in the 1950's I bought many of these, and most any magazine that had lots of cartoons. I simply loved Stanley Rayon & Bob Tupper. Of course the pinups were a bonus, especially Bettie Page. She stood out.