Friday, April 14, 2017

Cartoonist Photos Part 14

This is one of a continuing series of occasional blog entries of photos of cartoonists from the 20th century. (Honestly, one of them is exclusively from the 19th this time around.) Most of these are sourced from newspaper archives, and I post these when I have enough JPEGs for a blog entry. Links to even more photos to more cartoonists are at the end. There must be hundreds by now.

Art Young, circa 1910-1915, when he was co-editor and cartoonist for The Masses (along with John Sloan):

Art Young as caricatured by James Montgomery Flagg:

 Another photo of Mr. Young:
 Bruce Bairnsfather, creator of "Old Bill," 1930:

Chester Gould, from a 1938 profile of the Dick Tracy creator:

Chuck Jones:

My late friend Eldon Pletcher, or "Pletch," the Times-Pacayune editorial cartoonist from 1966 - 1984:

George Du Maurier, known for his Punch magazine cartoons and his novel Trilby, 1890:

Hank Ketcham:

Great closeup of Herblock:

Gag cartoonist Irwin Caplan, 1977:

James Thurber and his wife, Felicity Hall, Somerset, Bermuda, 1939:

Tank McNamara's creators: Jeff Millar and Bill Hinds:

Johnny Hart, creator of B.C and co-creator of The Wizard of Id:

Jules Feiffer:

Cartoonist Michael Berry in Stockholm, 1949:

Believe It or Not's Robert Ripley:

The one and only, Thomas Nast:

William Steig, 1972:

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Mike Peterson said...

George du Maurier, also known for his granddaughter Daphne, who wrote "Rebecca" and "The Birds" among other good things. An argument for combining genetics and, presumably, setting a good example.

Anonymous said...

Such great images, I went through all 13/14 pages.