Thursday, April 13, 2017

Some Early HENRY Comic Strips by Carl Anderson / January 1935

Here are some old HENRY comic strips by its original creator Carl Anderson. Mr. Anderson drew the feature for the Saturday Evening Post for a couple of years in the 1930s before it caught the attention of William Hearst.

Carl Anderson was maybe the oldest superstar cartoonist, having sold Henry to a big syndicate when he was 70 years old. And this was after a long career of freelancing and other, not-as-well-known strips and features.

The daily began life on December 17, 1934. It was popular enough to warrant a Sunday page by March. Carl Anderson drew the strip for the next eight years, but then arthritis made it too hard to continue. HENRY was given over to former assistants Don Trachte (Sundays) and John Liney (dailies). Anderson passed away in 1948.

So, here's a peek at some very early efforts. I only have a handful of dailies for January. As you will see, Henry, famous for being silent, does actually speak from time to time. Of course, this was changed. Henry is copyright King Features syndicate.

These are all I have for January 1935. I have more for the rest of the year and, if interested, I will post them here.


Anonymous said...

those are great!

PBC said...

Great! Please share all!
Henry was published as one bilkul page in many numbers.

Unknown said...

Do you have the Henry strip where Henry is saying this to his girlfriend about his rowboat . . . . "Look honey, I named my boat after you" . . . .

The name on the boat was "AFTER YOU".