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Dick Buchanan's Cartoon Files: New Yorker Cartoonists Abroad 1966-1968

Here is contributor Dick Buchanan with a great collection of New Yorker cartoonists whose work also appeared in Punch magazine. Take it away (and thanks!), Dick!



Punch Cartoons by New Yorker cartoonists. 1966 - 1968

Thanks to the miracle of fiction, today we travel to London, home of Punch, where the cartoon was born way back in 1843.

In Great Britain, their work is described as “one joke cartoons,” and it’s drawn with brush, Indian ink on cartridge paper, occasionally with a monochrome wash.

Several Punch cartoonists appeared in the pages of the New Yorker over the years, most notably Ronald Searle whose fabulous covers will be treasured by all for years to come. Some of the other Punch cartoonists to appear in The New Yorker were Michael Ffolkes, Leslie Starke, A.F. Wiles, L.H.Siggs, Kenneth Mahood and Punch editor Bernard Hollowood.

Punch and New Yorker followers have bickered for decades over which venerable magazine is the most important. I agree with old Will Shakespeare who reminds us “The joke’s the thing!”

1. MICHAEL FFOLKES. Ffolkes (Brian Davis) documents Punch’s respect for The New Yorker with this cartoon from Punch, May 25, 1966.

2. J.B. HANDELSMAN. Known to Punch readers as “Bud”, this fine cartoonist moved to Great Britain in 1963 and lived there for 11 years, becoming a true regular with a cartoon in many issues, sometimes two. Punch, August 7,1968.

3. RICHARD DECKER. Decker was one of The New Yorker’s finest cartoonists. Punch, November 22, 1967.

4. PERRY BARLOW. Gag cartoonist and super cover artist, as well. Punch, November 22, 1967.

5. CHON DAY. Punch, April 27, 1966.

6. JOSEPH MIRACHI. Punch, July 19, 1967.

7. CHARLES SAXON. Another cartoonist who also created many New Yorker
covers of the years. Punch, September 4, 1968.

8. CLAUDE. (Claude Smith) Punch was home to many no-caption cartoons.
This one is similar to his New Yorker work. Punch, February 9, 1966

9. ROBERT DAY. Punch, April 13, 1966

10. ED FISHER. Punch, February 1, 1972

11. MARTHA BLANCHARD. Ms Blanchard was not a New Yorker cartoonist.
However, she was, indeed, a New Yorker—she lived a just a few blocks
North of Washington Square. Punch, March 2, 1966

12. “BUD” HANDELSMAN. Full-page color cartoons were reserved for Punch
regulars and this one is a nice one. (Younger readers may need to google
transistor radios—they were cool) Punch, May 25, 1966

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