Friday, May 19, 2017

Dick Buchanan's Cartoon File: Wordless Gag Cartoons 1946 – 1963

Here is Dick Buchanan, sharing some of his great golden age gag cartoon collection once more. Thanks and take it away!


Whatever you call them, No Caption, Wordless or Pantomime, these cartoons are examples of the gag cartoon at its best--a humorous drawing executed with wit and verve.

Here, from the tattered Dick Buchanan Gag Cartoon Clip File is a batch of wordless visual gag cartoons by the masters of their craft.

These are cartoons to make you think, cartoons to make you laugh or, at least, to make you think you’re laughing.

1. TON SMITS. Look Magazine. May 7, 1963

2. MORT DRUCKER. Rare Mort Drucker gag cartoon—a year before he joined the gang at Mad. One of Mad’s leading cartoonists, Drucker is America’s premier caricaturist with many, many Time Magazine covers to his credit. Collier’s. June 24, 1955

 3. ANATOL KOVARSKY. Noted New Yorker cartoonist & cover artist. Collier’s August 3, 1956

4. GARDNER REA. Look Magazine. July 22, 1958

5. JOHN DEMPSEY. 1000 Jokes Magazine. March-May, 1960

6. JOHN ALBANO. American Magazine. July 1951

7. GAHAN WILSON. For Laughing Out Loud. October-December, 1963

8. ERNIE GARZA. True Magazine. April, 1946

9. AL ROSS. For Laughing Out Loud. October-December, 1960

10. HOWARD SPARBER. Sparber created the comic strip Timmy, which began as a panel in Collier’s in the 1940’s. Liberty Magazine. June 8, 1946

11. CLYDE LAMB. 1000 Jokes Magazine. September-November, 1961

12. CEM. Charles E. Martin. Here is another of his many multiple panel gems. Collier’s. May 31,1947

13. MORT WALKER. Walker also edited this popular Dell title. 1000 Jokes Magazine. Winter, 1952

14. GRAHAM JACKSON. American Legion Magazine. October, 1950

15. J.B. “Bud” HANDELSMAN. Look Magazine. September 26, 1961 

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Gerry said...

Still funny! The Gahan Wilson especially. Great post, thanks.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Both Mort cartoons are new to me! The Mort Drucker csartoon is a real find. I have seen a lot of issues of 1000 Jokes (in fcat I am selling mine right now on eBay) and never came across one by him. The Mort Walker cartoon is on eof a few I never saw from 1000 Jokes. A German find just ,ailed me he had found one in that issue, so this must be it.

Unknown said...

Any info on Graham Jackson or Ernie Garza?
Those two are new to me. The Garza lines,
though not the face or hands,
remind me of Burr Shafer.


Bob Seal said...

Thanks for sharing these Mike. I haven't seen them before.
Have always loved captionless cartoons.
Sight Gags was one term I saw given to them.
How you could see them without sight I wouldn't know!!! ;)

Mike Lynch said...

Graham Jackson or Ernie Garza? I wish I had some information on them.

Maybe one day, a relative or a friend, will post something here about them. It's happened before!