Thursday, October 19, 2017

All the Cartoons from Look Magazine July 14, 1964

Here's the post-Kennedy assassination political convention issue of Look Magazine. This is the July 14, 1964 issue and is copyright that year by Cowles Magazines and Broadcasting, Inc.

The cover has a preview of the "new Kennedy painting" by Norman Rockwell, who the year previously had ended his longstanding association with The Saturday Evening Post after 321 cover paintings. He would continue with Look for ten years.

The cartoons here are all by the top fellows in the gag cartoon field, since Look was one of the top markets. (Natch!)

Jack Tippit:

Mischa Richter:

Phil Interlandi:

Harry Mace:

Brother Sebastian by Chon Day:

Butch by Larry Reynolds:

Leonard Dove:

Ton Smits, with a grand gag:

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