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From the Dick Buchanan Files: CARTOONYFELLERS’ DIGEST, "a 1955 rag for cartoonists by cartoonists"

My friend Dick Buchanan sends on a 1955 copy of the "indistry rag" Carl Kohler's Cartoonyfellers' Digest (one is page missing). Dick reminds me that Alex Toth, Russ Manning and many other then-young cartoonists got their start in hot rod and drag race cartooning, and Carl Kohler was an influence on many.

Here's Dick:

MAY, 1955

Here’s another obscure “insider publication”  rescued from gag cartoon oblivion.  This one is really an early “zine”

It was edited & published by Carl Kohler under the auspices of Lew Card.  Cartoonyfellers’ Digest like its predecessor, Inkyfeller’s Gagzette, was sent “free to everyone in the cartooning biz.” At the time, that was about 3000.

A bit about CARL KOHLER (spelled backward that’s RELHOK LRAC)

In 1959, Kohler collaborated with cartoonist Pete Millar to create CARtoon Magazine--he left after the first issue. Nonetheless, his wit and style were a perfect fit for the emerging world of hot rod and drag race cartooning, and he thrived as a cartoonist, writer and cartoon editor of Hot Rod Cartoons.  

In the early 1960’s he was also a cartoon story writer. He is credited with “Quackodile Tears” (Daffy Duck) and “Martian Through Georgia” (Looney Tunes) for Warner Bros, as well as “Jungle Bungle” for the Huckleberry Hound Show, and 52 episodes of Bozo the Clown.

In 1970, as Lrac Relhok once more, he wrote about cartooning and gag writing in Mother Earth News.

Here is a copy of CARTOONYFELLERS’ DIGEST, a rag for cartoonists by cartoonists.

Dick Buchanan Cartoon Clip File
Greenwich Village, NY

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Ger Apeldoorn said...

At least one familiar name. Don Douglas is one of a few artists so insignificant that they were left out of my book Bahaving Madly 9have you got yours, yet?) I know him as a sometime cartoonist and he also drew the covers and some of the interiors of one of the rarest of the Mad magazine imitations, Nuts. Often confused with the Mad comic book imitation of the same name, Nuts only had two issues, featured work by Don Douglas and horror and war artist Ken Battefield (often misspelled as Battlefield).