Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hugh Hefner 1926 - 2017

Hugh Hefner died yesterday at the age of 91.

He was, before Playboy, a wannabe cartoonist himself. Here's a sample nicked from Sam Henderson's blog:

He made Playboy a great place to be a cartoonist. The magazine paid well and offered his regular cartoonists contracts. Playboy was, with The New Yorker, a coveted magazine market in the post-war years.

If you sold a cartoon to Playboy, you would get an official blue-pencilled "OK" from "HH" himself. He was, until recently, always involved in the magazine's cartoons. 


GermantownLewk said...

I just want to say, I'm an aspiring cartoonist (my blogs that are attached to this user name are used for school, I teach high school design, have nothing to do with cartooning) and I LOVE all of the work and time that you put into this blog. Everything that you post for us to study is as valuable as going to cartooning school. I learn a million things overtime that you post something new. I love everything that you do!! Thank you very much and please keep up the good work! A million thanks.

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