Tuesday, September 19, 2017

THE BOY WHO WOULDN'T EAT HIS BREAKFAST Story and Pictures by Elizabeth Brozowska

Here are some wonderful illustrations from THE BOY WHO WOULDN'T EAT HIS BREAKFAST, copyright 1963 by Wonder Books ("with washable covers"). It's by Elizabeth Brozowska, whose work was unknown to me until I saw this vintage kids' book in an antique shop in Arundel, Maine recently.

Elizabeth Brozowska did a number of children's books. She was also drawing a National Newspaper Syndicate comic titled "Geraldine" during this time. The midcentury modern strip would have a run of four years between 1962-68 (AKA "Josephine" in Holland).

There is little about her on the web. More of her graphics are at the Fishinkblog. 

Here are some of her paintings from THE BOY WHO WOULDN'T EAT HIS BREAKFAST.

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