Tuesday, September 26, 2017


FLUSHED! is a tall book of bawdy jokes and cartoons. It's copyright 1963 by Kanrom, Inc., 311 West 43rd Street, New York, NY. It comes with a little chain so you can hang it on a hook next to the toilet. This was one of a series of books, all the same format, all with that hole and chain in the corner. The other titles were JOKES FOR THE JOHN, MORE JOKES FOR THE JOHN, HIEST REGISTER FOR THE JOHN and others.

Some great cartoonists are here. Sid Harris, of the New Yorker is here, as is ARCHIE artist Dan DeCarlo. These are just a few of the then-risque gags from this tome.

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Unknown said...

Don't think that is Dan DeCarlo,
he usually signed his girlie gags as "DSD".
I've been trying for years to discover
who this "de Carlo" is.
Different style than Dan.