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From the Dick Buchanan Files: Virgil Parch Part Two; VIP in the 1950s

Here's the second part of an historical overview of Virgil "VIP" Partch's gag cartoon output, courtesy of Dick Buchanan. The first part is here.

Take it away, Dick:


Virgil Parch Part Two; VIP in the 1950’s

1951 – 1959

Virgil Partch entered the 1950’s with the same zany spirit he deployed so skillfully in the forties.
His cartoons appeared in virtually every issue of Collier’s.  They often published two in each issue, sometimes three. He fulfilled the same roll with True Magazine, usually with two cartoons in each issue. He also illustrated the letters column and, for a short time, he was True cartoon editor.

Here, in chronological order, is Virgil Partch in the 1950’s -- a couple VIP classics as well as a few forgotten cartoons from 1950 to 1959.

1. 1950. Partch begins 1950 with the same verve that made him famous. True Magazine  April, 1950

2. True Magazine.  September, 1951

3. The Korean conflict enabled Partch to return to his roots—the service men that boosted his rise to fame in WWII. American Legion Magazine October, 1952

4. American Legion Magazine July, 1953

5. True Magazine February, 1953

6. Partch did appear everywhere. Editor Bill Yates snagged this one for Dell. 1000 Jokes Magazine November-January, 1954

 7.  Collier’s January 21, 1955

8.  Partch’s desert rats were a favorite with readers. Appearing as early as 1944, he created seemingly endless new gags with this pair. Collier’s June 22, 1956

9.  Collier’s December 7, 1956

10. In 1957, when Collier’s cartoon editor Gurney Williams moved to Look Magazine Partch followed. He continued to create classic cartoons like this one. Look Magazine April 16, 1957

11.  For Laughing Out Loud July-September, 1957

12.  Look Magazine March 19, 1957

13.  Look Magazine July 22, 1958

14.  Look Magazine December 8, 1959

15.  1959. At the end of the decade Partch has perfected a style that is sharp and simple. No surprise--his gags continued to be the very best, as demonstrated by this classic.  Look Magazine March 17, 1959

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