Wednesday, April 11, 2018

From the Dick Buchanan Files: Favorite 1940s Gag Cartoons

Wow! Some more great gag cartoons culled from Dick Buchanan's amazing collection.

Here are some of Dick's favorite cartoons from the decade of his birth.



1940 – 1949

The 1940’s were a decade of war and peace. As World War raged, those on the home front dealt with shortages--of meat, sugar, gasoline, rubber, nylons and men. Women went to work in factories and kids donated their precious comic books to paper drives.

Post War America meant a shortage of housing and an abundance of children. The baby-sitting industry flourished. Through it all cartoonists continued to ply their trade. Many cartoonists spent time in the military, but managed to continue cartooning from afar, by mailing their contributions back home.

Here is a sampling of gag cartoons from the 1940’s, culled from the Gag Cartoon Clip File in order to provide a glimpse into that tumultuous decade.

1. CHON DAY. The Saturday Evening Post August 10, 1940.

2. PERRY BARLOW. The Saturday Evening Post December 8, 1940.

3. RICHARD TAYLOR. Collier’s October 25, 1941.

4. BUFORD TUNE. American Magazine March 1942.

5. WILLIAM von RIEGEN. American Magazine March 1942.

6. BARBARA SHERMUND. Collier’s October 23, 1943.

7. AL ROSS. The Saturday Evening Post November 3, 1943.

8. CARL ROSE. Collier’s May 27, 1944.

9. BARNEY TOBEY. Collier’s June 16, 1945.

10. GARDNER REA. True Magazine October 1945.

11. SYD HOFF. The Saturday Evening Post June 2, 1945.

12. HANK KETCHAM. Collier’s January 5, 1946.

13. CHARLES ADDAMS. True Magazine July 1947.

14. OTTO SOGLOW. Collier’s October 11, 1947.

15. CHARLES E. MARTIN. Collier’s September 11, 1948.

16. ANATOL KOVARSKY. Collier’s August 14, 1948.

17. VIRGIL PARTCH. Collier’s November 11, 1948.

18. MISCHA RICHTER. Collier’s May 7, 1949.

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