Friday, April 20, 2018

Help Us Kickstart Maine Cartoon Book LOBSTER THERAPY

So happy to finally announce this book of cartoons is out. It's called LOBSTER THERAPY AND MOOSE PICK-UP LINES and has almost 200 great cartoons by me, John Klossner, David Jacobson, Jeff Pert and the one and only Bill Woodman. 

We have started a Kickstarter to help cover expenses to promote the book. This helps with traveling to the Book Expo in NYC, and doing conventions and so on. Your money goes to us, the cartoonists. You get signed books and originals and other one-of-a-kind items. Take a look. 

Here's the background:

Last year, I was in Portland, Maine, visiting Bill Woodman. Bill's drawn cartoons for Playboy and The New Yorker for years and years. My friend, the New Yorker cartoonist John Klossner, was also with us. As usual, we ended up talking shop - mostly about magazine cartoons.

I said that we should put together a proposal for a cartoon book about Maine since we all lived in Maine. Well. OK, except for me. I actually live in New Hampshire, a mile from the Maine border. So … as penalty, they put me in charge.

I asked two other Maine cartoonists, David Jacobson and the late, great Jeff Pert (thru his brother, Jon Pert), to join us. The proposal went out to about a dozen publishers.

We were fortunate to reach an agreement with Down East publishing to print and distribute the book. LOBSTER THERAPY AND MOOSE PICK-UP LINES is set to be published soon.

But, as you probably know, there's not a lot of money in publishing these days unless your name is Kardashian or you're writing a political tell-all. This Kickstarter is our attempt to get some additional funds to promote the book and maybe give a little extra to the cartoonists. If you want an opportunity to buy something special, please take a look at what we are offering.

Thanks for your time. And thanks for supporting the arts – and supporting great cartoonists who live in Maine – and one who lives just across the border.

"Lobster Therapy" Maine Cartoon Book by Maine Cartoonists

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