Thursday, July 05, 2018

Dick Buchanan: Some Favorite Magazine Gag Cartoons 1940-60s

A public belated happy two year anniversary since Dick Buchanan started contributing to this here blog. I am so pleased that he continues to pass along these hidden classic gag cartoons from his huge collection of old magazines piled up in his Greenwich Village apartment. Here's the first batch he sent that appeared on the blog two years ago now, on June 14, 2016.


Dick Buchanan was kind enough to pass along some favorite old magazine gag cartoons. I agree with Dick that these cartoons, most of them unseen for over fifty years, deserve an encore. Here's Dick:

"As an aspiring cartoonist long ago, I kept a file of cartoons clipped from every magazine I could find. I still have I still use it for reference and amusement. I am happy to share it's contents. I have forwarded a few samples. There are more."

Gahan Wilson, one of his early cartoons from Collier's, June 24, 1955:

George Booth, The Saturday Evening Post, October 17, 1953:

John Gallagher:

Hank Ketcham in an early 1950's Saturday Evening Post:

Clyde Lamb, American Legion Magazine, October 1952:

Mel Lazarus (not "Mell" yet), in the Saturday Evening Post, January 20, 1951 -- still 6 years away from Miss Peach:

Virgil Partch, Collier's, 1940s:

Rowland Wilson, in that same Saturday Evening Post issue (October 17, 1953) as George Booth (see above):

Henry Syverson. In 1963, even the furniture was funny. From Look Magazine, December 3, 1963:

Jack Tippit, Look Magazine, July 22, 1958. Two-time NCS Gag Cartoonist of the Year (1963 and 1966):

Thanks, Dick, for sharing these great gag cartoons!


DBenson said...

Weird to see George Booth and Rowland Wilson looking so ... well, generic. Wondering if this was their natural style as very young artists or if they were making a conscious effort to draw "safe" cartoons.

Mike Lynch said...

Oh, I think these are pretty early in their careers, so they are bound not to be their later, mature styles in art or content.