Thursday, July 19, 2018

From the Dick Buchanan Files: Random Favorite Gag Cartoons 1947 – 1962

The wonderful Dick Buchanan has contributed some of his all time favorite classic gag cartoons today. Take a look! Some wonderful work here.



1947 – 1962

This time of year finds Greenwich Village infested with tourists. They go on Food Tours, History Tours, Architectural Tours and Bob Dylan Was Here Tours. Those who venture forth by themselves usually get lost or, at least they look lost. That’s why, rather than mingle with the masses, your friendly Cartoon Clip File Curator prefers remain safely inside his curiously decorated apartment, emerging only for late night beer runs. The time has been well spent. The result is still another random collection of mid-century gag cartoons, some of which bear an eerie relevance to today’s world.

1. DANIEL ALAIN. Collier’s April 5, 1947.

2. CHARLES SAXON. The Saturday Evening Post circa 1947.

3. DICK CAVALLI. 1000 Jokes Magazine June-August, 1958.

4. TOM HENDERSON. American Legion Magazine March 1947.

5. CLYDE LAMB. American Legion Magazine September 1954.

6. AL JOHNS. The Saturday Evening Post January 20, 1951.

7. GARDNER REA. Collier’s April 5, 1947.

8. VIRGIL PARTCH. Collier’s October 23, 1943.

9. JOSEPH MIRACHI. Look Magazine January 3, 1961.

 10. JOHN RUGE. Look Magazine October 15, 1957.

11. JOHN DEMPSEY. Look Magazine August 15, 1961.

12. BURR SHAFER. Collier’s December 2, 1950.

13. BOB WEBER. The Saturday Evening Post September 29, 1962.

14. HERB GREEN. 1000 Jokes Magazine June-August, 1958.

15. W. A. VANESLOW. American Magazine January 1950.

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