Monday, September 24, 2018

From the Dick Buchanan Files: Gag Cartoon Random Favorites

I'm handing over the blog to Dick Buchanan today. He's, once again, kindly scanned in some personal favorite gag cartoons. I'm glad Dick shares his toys! Some wonderful cartoons here, and I am thankful that we can see some of these vintage single panel cartoons. Take it away, Dick!




Here once again is a collection of gag cartoons from the era of the great magazines, created by some of the best cartoonists of their time.  These are some of the better mid-century cartoons recently added to Cartoon Clip File—as always,presented here to amuse one and all.

1. BOB MOORE.  Liberty July 13, 1946. 

2.  JACK BONESTELL.  Cartoon Capers June, 1968.

3.  JIM WHITING.  The Saturday Evening Post November 4, 1950.

 4.  AL ROSS.  1000 Jokes Magazine April-June, 1963.

5.  GEORGE LICHTY.  The Saturday Evening Post November 29, 1947.

6.  JOHN DEMPSEY  1000 Jokes Magazine Dec ’63-Feb.1964.

7.  CHON DAY.  The Saturday Evening Post October 23, 1943.

8.  JOHN GALLAGHER.  Here! March, 1952.

9.  REAMER KELLER.  1000 Jokes Magazine August-October, 1954.

10.  MORT WALKER. The Saturday Evening Post January 15, 1949.

11.  ERNEST MARQUEZ.  Here! November, 1951.

12.  LEW FOLLETTE.  American Legion Magazine March, 1947.

13.  JEFF KEATE.  Collier’s April 5, 1947.

14.  IRWIN CAPLAN.  Collier’s October 19, 1946.

15.  GAHAN WILSON. 1000 Jokes Magazine Dec ’63-Feb 1964.   

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