Thursday, September 20, 2018

NYC: Cartoonists Drawing on the Walls at the Overlook Lounge

Three times, cartoonists have gotten together and drawn on the walls of the Overlook Lounge in Manhattan. Once in 1976, again in 2005 and a third time, just last week, on Wednesday, September 12, 2018. I helped put together the 2005 event, with the Daily News' Bill Gallo. This time around, Ed Steckley gathered up cartoonists from the worlds of syndicated comics, editorial cartoons and The New Yorker. Here are a few photos.

Arnold Roth hard at work. His wife, Caroline, provides some extra light.

Marc Bilgrey, Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell and myself. 

Maria Scrivan, Peter Kuper and Ray Alma.

Artists at work. The boards will later be affixed to the walls.

Brian Walker draws.

A Joe Wos maze, next to drawings by Marc Bilgrey and Hilary Campbell.

My contribution; a cartoon that originally appeared in Playboy:

Sam Viviano:

Brian Walker and Patrick McDonnell:

Ed Steckley:

The 1976 wall -- or, a portion of it. Spider-Man by Gil Kane.

Howard Beckerman:

Peter Kuper's Spy Vs. Spy:

Patrick McDonnell's Mutts:

The agony of the blank page:

Marc Bilgrey:

A portion of the 2005 cartoon wall:

Arnold Roth:

The talented hands of Andy Eng:

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