Wednesday, May 22, 2019

From the Dick Buchanan Files: Captionless Gag Cartoons 1946 - 1968

Dick Buchanan has once more pulled some vintage magazine cartoons cartoons from his Greenwich Village flat to share with us. Here are some gag cartoons about clowns, fishing, dogs, William Tell, husbands and wives, magicians, department stores, furniture refinishing, monks, and a wonderful construction cartoon by Peter Porges. They all have one thing in common: no gag line. Thanks, Dick, and take it away:



Cartoonists themselves are particularly fond of their caption-less cartoon creations. They comprise but 10-15%% of all published cartoons. And they have a special place in the Cartoon Clip File—a simple manila folder with a blank label.

So here is another sampling of cartoons of the no-caption variety. As usual, some require minimal reading, while others require no reading whatsoever. And it’s all in fun . . .

1. TON SMITS. Look Magazine August 5, 1958.

2. JOHN GALLAGHER. The Saturday Evening Post April 17, 1954.

3. NED HILTON. The Saturday Evening Post July 18, 1959. 
4. CLYDE LAMB. The Saturday Evening Post February 11, 1950.

5. VIRGIL (VIP) PARTCH. Liberty Magazine January 1, 1944.

6 VAHAN SHIRVANIAN. The Saturday Evening Post July 18, 1959.

7. CHARLES E, MARTIN (CEM) The Saturday Evening Post June 6, 1962.

8. CHARLES SHARMAN. Collier’s August 12, 1950.

9. HENRY SYVERSON. The Saturday Evening Post December 7, 1946.

10. JACK TIPPIT. The Saturday Evening Post August 28, 1965.

11. WALT WETTERBERG. The Saturday Evening Post January 20, 1951.

12. PAUL PETER PORGES. The Saturday Evening Post July 18, 1959.

13. HENRY MARTIN. 1000 Jokes Magazine September-November, 1968.

14. JOHN ART SMILBY. The Saturday Evening Post November 11, 1947.

15. TON SMITS. Boys’ Life January, 1967.  

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