Tuesday, May 21, 2019

From the Dick Buchanan Files: Cops and Robbers Magazine Gag Cartoons 1899 - 1965

Good guys and bad guys matching wits is the staple of a lot of entertainment, the magazine gag cartoon being no exception. Here's two-thirds of a century of samples from the massive clipping files of my friend Dick Buchanan. Thanks and take it away, Dick!




From the earliest days of humor magazines one of the most popular subjects was Crime & Punishment.  Criminals were always one comical step ahead of bumbling law enforcement, usually stumbling over themselves in the process. Victims were remarkably unfazed by home invasions and burglary, often remaining comfortably in bed while their home was ransacked. As usual, in Cartoon World no one got hurt.

1.  F.M. HOWARTH. Howarth was one of the great cartoonists published in Puck Magazine during 19th Century.  Puck  September 16, 1899.

2.  ORLANDO BUSINO.  The Saturday Evening Post  September 5, 1964.

3.  DAVID PASCAL.  1000 Jokes Magazine  August-October, 1963.

4.  LARRY REYNOLDS Look Magazine  March 17, 1959. 

5.  ROBERT DAY.  Life  March, 1935.

6.  JAY IRVING.  Colliers  November 11, 1936.

7.  GUSTAV LUNDBERG.  Colliers October 10, 1948.

8.  JOSEPH MIRACHI.  True Magazine  November, 1963.

9.  GARDNER REA.  Colliers  March 8, 1952.

10.  JOHN NORMENT.  Colliers  May 23, 1953.

11.  JOHN GALLAGHER.  The Saturday Evening Post  July 18, 1959.

12.  JERRY CALLAHAN.  The Saturday Evening Post  March 9, 1957.

13.  VAHAN SHIRVANIAN.  February 8, 1958.

14.  IRWIN CAPLAN.  Collier's July 8, 1955.

15. HERB GREEN.  Saturday Evening Post July 11, 1959

16.  VIRGIL PARTCH.  True Magazine  June, 1948.


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