Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Gladys Parker: A Life in Comics and A Passion for Fashion by Trina Robbins

A new biography of cartoonist Gladys Parker by cartoonist and historian Trina Robbins is coming from Hermes Press.

From the press release:

Gladys Parker: A Life in Comics and A Passion for Fashion

Hermes Press is coming to slay the fashion industry- with some HERstory! Gladys Parker: A Life in Comics and A Passion for Fashion explores the history behind Mopsy and her creator Gladys Parker! This beautiful book will also provide a rarely seen collection of Mopsy stories and many of Parker’s earlier strips.

Cartoonist Gladys Parker was unique in comics. As with Frida Kahlo, it was impossible to tell where her art left off and its creator began. Parker mixed fashion and comics and created classic characters that mimicked her sense of fashion. In fact, Parker was an exact double for her ink-and-paper creation, Mopsy.

Tarpe Mills and Dale Messick both dressed to kill and included paper dolls featuring their heroines’ chic 1940s wardrobes. Tarpe Mills and Lily Renee were fashion models before they drew comics. But only Gladys Parker (and one other)* was a fashion designer with a successful line of clothing while at the same time drawing an equally successful comic strip. Parker’s dresses bearing the Gladys Parker label were sold at her own New York shop and at high-end department stores across the country – and she also found the time to costume Hollywood movies and the beauties that starred in them!

Who better to chronicle the story of Gladys Parker than comics herstorian Trina Robbins, who in the 1960s designed clothes for hippies and rock stars out of her East Village boutique, while drawing underground comix?

ISBN:  978-1-61345-181-6

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