Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Coloring Ms. Megaton Man with Cartoonist Don Simpson

Here's the great cartoonist Don Simpson showing us how he colors in Photoshop. These kinds of nuts and bolts/hands on/behind the scenes kinda peeks are one of the great things about this time in history. Some fascinating material here. Thanks for letting us into your studio, Don. 

From his YouTube page:

Cartoonist Don Simpson explains some principles of his process for coloring cartoon drawings in Adobe Photoshop. Don starts with a scan of a pen and ink drawing of his character Ms. Megaton Man™, converts the scan into the proper mode for coloring, and shows the main selection and painting tools. 
Working in RGB but utilizing the CMYK color space (mentioned but not answered satisfactorily in the video) is accomplished by going under View - Proofing Setup - Working CMYK (checkbox). This will ensure that your RGB file will convert accurately into a CMYK format without color shifting. 
Ms. Megaton Man™ and all characters, character names, likenesses, words and pictures are ™ and © Don Simpson 2020, all rights reserved.


The Ms. Megaton Prose YA Book

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