Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Sketchbook: True Covid-19 Stories

Sketchbook diary time. Here's some of the things I've seen. (I've only gone to three places in the past week.)

1 - My mail carrier on the other side of the door letting me know that there will be martial law by March 18th. I haven't seen him since. 

2 - Grocery store stockboy impressing his friends and passers by with his self-perceived immunity. Calling covid-19 the "Chinese Virus" is so mean, maybe the germs will cower and not infect him.

3 - One of the trips I took was to the "transfer station" (the dump). The man in charge tells me that I can't recycle my paper because of money. I have no idea what this means. I asked him should I just drive around with paper in my car? He thought this was the heighth of cleverness and laughed. Hmm. Not helpful. I am still mystified. Is no recycling a sign of endtimes?

4 - The post office employee who stands, half hidden in the doorway, meekly inquiring if she can help. Signs everywhere about #socialdistancing.

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Kurt said...

These are wonderful. I hope you can to do more.