Thursday, April 08, 2021

Matt Bors: "I’m Quitting Political Cartooning"


Editorial cartoonist Matt Bors is leaving editorial cartooning.


"Thank you for reading all these years. I know a few people who have been reading since the beginning (besides my Mom), through the dark Bush years, the rise of social media, the collapse of alt-weeklies, the rise (and then collapse) of online media. Trump! A pandemic! Here I am. I made it through all that and want to go out on my own terms now."

"... Something had to give in my life to make room for other things and, frankly, it was an easy decision. I’ve drawn political cartoons every week since I was 19 and feel like I have said everything I can say, often a few times over. I know this may be disappointing to longtime readers, but my creative desires pull me in another direction, one where I hope to create more work on par with what I’ve done in this field."


He will continue to helm The Nib, the online showcase for editorial cartoons (long-form and short-form) and turn his attention to creating longer pieces.

"I want to do more nonfiction cartooning at The Nib— the interviews and journalism I have only been able to do in between the cracks of my deadlines— and I’m actively preparing pitches as a writer on some fiction comics. It’s time for me to work in longer formats and dip into all the kinds of comics I love and want to create. I’ll also be serving as an Advisor for Tinyview, a promising new comics app, where I’ll be bringing in an array of comics across many genres. (You can download it here.)"


Please consider supporting The Nib. I do. 

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sarusa said...

The Nib is awesome, and I totally sympathize with Matt - after the Trump administration, there's nothing left. The truth is more stupid and awful than anything an editorial cartoonist can come up with consistently.