Monday, April 26, 2021

Tomer Hanuka's Post-Pandemic Themed New Yorker Cover Assignment

Tomer Hanuka, an outstanding illustrator and a teacher, tweeted this:

"I’ve asked my 3rd year illustration students at the School of Visual Arts to come up with a post-pandemic New Yorker magazine cover. Here is what they sent in:"
Amy Young:

April Xinyu Chen:

Chenmiao Shi:

Dou Hong:

Fan Zhang:

Huahua Cui:

Jane McIlvaine:

Jiaci Grace Qiu:

Jungwoo Lee:

Katrina Catacutan:

Lauren V:

Milly Wen:

Penni Xiaoyi Peng:

Ruoxi Jiang:

Yijun Cai:

Yushan Zhou:

Zoe Stengel:

 The results speak to the talent of the new visual artists and Mr. Hanuka's excellent teaching.

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RoB said...

Thanks , Mike; for forwarding this! I really enjoyed the artwork!
And it reminded me of a game my sons and I used to play. When we got the new issue of the New Yorker in the mail, we’d all look at the cover and make our best guess as to what the title of the artwork was. Sometimes one or another would get it exactly right, but more often we were wrong. And a lot of the time we were wrong but close.
Lots of fun, and leads to looking at the art in different ways!