Friday, April 30, 2021

Rod McKie Fundraiser


My cartoonist colleague Rod McKie passed away last month. He had a stroke the morning of March 16th and was admitted to the intensive care unit at the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh. He passed away ten days later. 

Eddie Paton, his son-in-law, has begun a Gofundme for Rod's family. If you can afford a contribution, please consider giving. Eddie writes:

"On 16th March my father in law Roderick (rod) Mckie, was rushed to hospital after suffering a stroke. A haemorrhage had caused complete paralysis on his right hand side and left him struggling to communicate. As a family we began  to discuss how we would adapt to Roderick’s future care needs. Unfortunately, his condition suddenly deteriorated and Roderick passed away on 26th March with his wife and partner of 48 years Lis holding his hand. 

"Rod was just a few weeks away from officially being 5 years cancer free and his sudden death has been a sad and unexpected shock for all his family and friends. Due to his cancer diagnosis Roderick was unable to get life insurance, meaning that his family now have to cope with many unexpected costs at a time when money worries should be the last thing on their minds.

"I ask you to please consider helping Rod’s loved ones at this challenging time by kindly making a donation to help the family with end of life costs and funeral expenses. Any support you can give will be gratefully received."


In memory of Rod Mckie


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