Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Cartoonist Photos Part 16

Yet another collection of photos of cartoonists. I tend to post these when I have enough to pass along here. Links to the previous entries are at the bottom. Ready? Then let's begin.

Milt Caniff 1970:

Gag cartoonist Dave Gerard:

Walt Disney 1940:

Jule Feiffer:

Gerald Scarfe:

Charles Schulz 1978:

Art Spiegelman 1992:

James Thurber 1960:

Trina Robbins:

Vernon Nealy 1975

From the Amazon bio page for his 2014 book Whispers, Secrets and Lies - Letters of Life:

"Vernon A. Nealy an American native, born in Passaic, New Jersey in the early 1950's. As a graduate of Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, his field of concentration was Fine Arts major and cartoonist. He created cartoon characters which enhanced the university's newspaper. Mr. Nealy, a freelance artist and fashion designer has worked for various New York-based companies. During his spare time, he exercises his gift in writing poetry and prose. Whipsers, Secrets and Lies - Letters of Life is his first published collection"


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