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From the Dick Buchanan Files: Assorted Vintage Gag Cartoons 1945 - 1965

In the mid 20th century, all major national magazines had single panel cartoons.  They were commonplace and easy to find. They are all gone today -- most of those big national mags and all the gag cartoons they published -- except for a few places now (The New Yorker, the Wall Street Journal's "Pepper ... and Salt" feature, The Saturday Evening Post, Bauer Publishing's Women's World magazine, The Funny Times newspaper -- and some UK markets). Dick Buchanan remedies this and takes us back to the Golden Age of Gag Cartoons once more. Thanks, and take it away, Dick:


(1945 – 1965)

Here is another assortment of vintage gag cartoons clipped from the great mid 20th century magazines. Some may remember a couple of these cartoons but most have been long forgotten. Here is a chance for young and old alike to take a look at the work of some cartoonists who were important contributors to the world of gag cartoons. Take a look . . .

1. CLYDE LAMB. Boys’ Life November, 1950.


2. CHON DAY. American Magazine January, 1945.


3. GEORGE WOLFE. This Week Magazine June 8, 1948.


4. ROWLAND WILSON. The Saturday Evening Post October 24, 1953


5. MARTHA BLANCHARD. For Laughing Out Loud. October – December, 1961.


6. A. JOHN KAUNUS. American Magazine April, 1945.


7. VIRGIL PARTCH. True Magazine October, 1948.


8. KATE OSANN. Collier’s June 10, 1950.


9. GARDNER REA. American Magazine May, 1945.


10. PERRY BARLOW. The Saturday Evening Post March 16, 1946.


11. WALT WETTERBERG. The Saturday Evening Post March 13, 1954.

 12. ED FISHER. The Saturday Review October 10, 1953.


13. DON TOBIN. American Magazine July, 1951.


14. HERB GREEN. Argosy Magazine September, 1955.


15. AL KAUFMAN. The Saturday Evening Post. June 1, 1957.


16. BRIAN SAVAGE. True Magazine February, 1964.


17. CHARLES RODRIGUES. 1000 Jokes Magazine Fall, 1953.


18. JOHN DEMSPEY. The Saturday Evening Post April 12, 1952.


19. DICK CAVALLI. The Saturday Evening Post September 26, 1953.


20. BRANDT PARKER. This Week Magazine February 2, 1958.


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