Monday, May 09, 2022

George Pérez 1954 - 2022


George Pérez, a giant among comic book artists, has died at the age of 67. The cause was complications from pancreatic cancer.


Via CBR:

"Pérez is probably best known for launching the New Teen Titans in 1980 with writer Marv Wolfman, where the two created Cyborg, Raven and Starfire and had Dick Grayson become Nightwing. Wolfman and Pérez later reshaped the DC Universe with Crisis on Infinite Earths, which, in turn, led to Pérez rebooting Wonder Woman in 1987 with a beloved five-year run that redefined Diana for a new generation. At Marvel, where Pérez got his start in comics, he is likely best remembered for two separate runs on the Avengers; with Steve Englehart in the 1970s and then with Kurt Busiek in the 1990s, where the two relaunched the series in 1998 to great acclaim."

Pérez died on May 6, 2022, passing away peacefully at home with his wife Carol and their family by his side. An open memorial service is scheduled to be held at MegaCon Orlando on May 22.



From the New York Times:

"'Wonder Woman had to rise or fall based on me,' Mr. Pérez said in a telephone interview in December. 'It was a great success that gave me an incredible sense of fulfillment.'

"His editor on the series, Karen Berger, said in an email, 'What set George apart on Wonder Woman was that he really approached the character from a woman’s perspective — I found her relatable and authentic.' Patty Jenkins, the director of the 'Wonder Woman' films, cited this version of the character as an influence."

Via NPR:

"'George Pérez had an art style that was both dynamic and incredibly expressive,' said DC Publisher and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee. 'His art was the perfect storytelling canvas for some of the most important events in DC history. While he will be sorely missed, his work will live on with a countless number of fans, as well as all the talent he's influenced over the years.'"

The remembrances keep pouring in from fans and pros alike. I remember that as a poor college student that the only comic book that I allowed myself to spend money on was Wolfman and Pérez's Teen Titans. I still have those issues, and it's time I take another look at them these decades later. Pérez left a tremendous bounty of his comic book art and his ease with crowd scenes is amazing. All comic book artists will labor in his shadow.




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