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From the Dick Buchanan Files: The Old Joke Cemetery: Laugh in Peace 1944- 1965

There's nothing like an old joke. One that makes you groan and laugh at the same time. And really, there are some jokes whose time is up. They're smelling like bad eggs. But not here at this blog, where the Golden Age of Gag Cartooning is alive and well and eliciting those groans and (I hope) a smile. Here's Dick Buchanan with more from the ...


Laugh In Peace 1944 - 1965

The Cartoon Clip File is located in somewhere in New York City’s Greenwich Village, just around the corner from the Old Joke Cemetery. That’s the place where old gags are put to rest. Few tourists ever stumble upon the Old Joke Cemetery. So, imagine our surprise when we arrived there this afternoon to find a flock of them peering over the gate at what they were told was a vacant lot. Assuming the guise of a harmless neighborhood character, I joined them long enough to learn they were part of a Walking Tour of Greenwich Village Curiosities. How curious, indeed. Apparently, in New York, a vacant lot is more of a curiosity than an Old Joke Cemetery. Go figure.

Pursuant to the fine print in the Old Joke Recovery Act of 1953, it is time share a few of the recent gag cartoons recently interred the Old Joke Cemetery. Some will remain there forever. Others just may pop up again some time. Humor is funny like that . .

1. CHARLES SKILES. American Magazine December, 1955.

2. GEORGE WOLFE. Collier’s March 11, 1950.

3. CHON DAY. The Saturday Evening Post September 13, 1952.

4. GENE CARR. American Magazine October, 1944.

5. BEN ROTH. American Legion Magazine March, 1953.

6. NORMAN HOIFJELD. American Magazine November, 1950.

7. LEO GAREL. The Saturday Evening Post July 10, 1954.

8. HERB GREEN. Argosy Magazine July, 1965.

9. STAN HUNT. Look Magazine March 17, 1960.

10. ROY L. FOX. The Saturday Evening Post January 2, 1960.

11. JOHN RUGE. Colliers July 4, 1953.

12. JOHN SORENSEN The Saturday Evening Post January 29, 1953.

13. W.F. BROWN. 1000 Jokes Magazine Dec, 1957 - Feb, 1958.

14. JACK TIPPIT. Look Magazine January 28, 1964.

15. DON TOBIN. Collier’s February 17, 1951.

16. JACK O’BRIEN. Collier’s October 29, 1954.

17. JEFF KEATE. American Magazine January 1945.

18. WALTER GOLDSTEIN. The Saturday Evening Post June 15, 1957.

19. BILL HARRISON. 1000 Jokes Magazine June – August, 1957.

20. HERB WILLIAMS. American Magazine March, 1949.

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