Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Sho Murase 1969 - 2022

Comic book and manga artist Sho Murase, whose distinctive graphic style merged western European art Asian sensibilities, passed away from complications of kidney failure on August 12, 2022. 

She was an in demand graphic artist, and her client list reflected her worldwide appeal. DC Comics, Marvel, PaperCutz, Disney and many others worked with her.

From her Facebook page:

A Special Message About Sho Murase

It is with a heavy heart that we bring you this message about the passing of our dear friend Sho. Last Friday August 12, Sho passed away in her sleep after a long battle dealing with kidney failure. For the last few years Sho dealt with difficult health complications and now she can finally rest in peace.

For those of us that knew her and followed her career, there are many gifts Sho left us. Her unique art style and creativity lives on for us to study and admire with the body of artwork she created.

For those that knew Sho personally, she gave us the gift of her loving kindness, generosity, and selflessness. Her presence was a very special gift and will be remembered fondly by those who were close to her.

In the past you may have been a supporter of Sho and donated to her cause. We are not taking donations at this time but we ask that you hold Sho in your thoughts and prayers.

A memorial is being organized and we will follow up with an announcement once the dates are confirmed.

In regards to any recent or outstanding artwork inquiries, we will go through each inquiry shortly. The custody of Sho’s artwork has been passed to the beneficiaries. At an appropriate time we will address any future artwork requests.

In loving memory of Sho.

You will be missed.


Now, back in 2006, I was co-curator (with the great Stan Goldberg) of a large gallery show of cartoon art in Great Neck, Long Island. It was a tremendous show with lots of original art. The title of the exhibit was "This Inking Life." I really wanted to have a lot of different kinds of comic art represented. Through Jim Salicrup, I was successful in having an original Murase piece of art for the show. I remember she mailed it from her home in San Fransisco. We communicated via email and I bought a copy of her book "Me2" thinking that one day I would meet her in person and ask her to sign it. She was very gracious and self-effacing. Such a talent!


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