Tuesday, August 16, 2022

The Garden As of Mid-August

It's been a dry and hot summer, which has been good for some (tomatoes) and bad for others (people).


Above: the zinnias make the hummingbirds very happy.

The Queen Anne's Lace, in the foreground, was just an accident. In the back, the raised bed, has a tomato plant, some Asian peppers and a soon-to-be-depleted cucumber plant.

The tomatoes are nearing the end now. But my oh my how lovely and red they are.

This sad bed has a half dozen green pepper plants that were, on July 5th, eaten by deer but miraculously returned and are now bearing cute little peppers. The rest of the bed used to have squash, but the squash was destroyed by the squash borer worm. One lonely squash lived (upper left). I planted some watermelons, and those are the vines in the middle. They are too little to actually yield a proper watermelon.

This final box had all of its squash plants destroyed by those borers, so I took the weed cloth and straw off and turned the soil. The box is in need of repair (upper left). I may either refresh the box with some manure and/or plant some winter rye.

The next couple of weeks will see the last of the tomatoes. These are all different kinds.

Baby watermelon.

Little green peppers.

Asian peppers. I don't know much about these, but I think they are ready to be picked.

 Lovely zinnias.

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