Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Download "How to Create Cartoons" book by Frank Tashlin


Cartoonist, film writer and director Frank Tashlin's (1913 - 1972) How to Create Cartoons book has been scanned and put online in its entirety. 

Tashlin started off in life in animation, working for Schlesinger, Disney and Warner Brothers. He then worked as a gag writer for the Marx Brothers and Bob Hope. He wrote screenplays and became the go-to comedy director. His first film was Bob Hope's The Lemon Drop Kid. Tashlin also directed six of the Jerry Lewis solo pictures, as well as two 1960s movies starring Jayne Mansfield (The Girl Can't Help It and Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?

His How to Create Cartoons book was self-published in 1952 and it's about cartoon drawing, not animation.


Robbmacv said...

Where can I download it, please?

Mike Lynch said...

Sorry about that, Robbmacv! I am a one-person operation here and sometimes I goof up. Thanks for the heads up! I've out the links in for you.

Robbmacv said...

Thank you for the link!