Tuesday, February 07, 2023

From the Dick Buchanan Files: New Old Stuff: Gag Cartoons 1946 - 1966

Dick Buchanan and his legendary Cartoon Clip File were recently audited. Bad news for him, but good news for us. Dick explains it all below. Thanks, Dick!


(1946 – 1966)

Pursuant to the Old Joke Protection Act of 1953, the Cartoon Clip File was recently audited by the Old Joke Investigating Unit. A team of forensic gagsters descended on the Cartoon Clip File and delved into our trove of gag cartoons. The result was the recovery of some mid-20th century gag cartoons we’ve long forgotten and a stain on our coffee table. The rumor that some vintage gag cartoons were misplaced or mis-filed were quickly dispelled when we demonstrated we have never had a filing system in the first place, just cardboard boxes. Apparently, that was not acceptable, so the Old Joke Auditor has ruled that we rescue these gag cartoons from obscurity immediately . . . Take a Look.

1. JOHN GALLAGHER. Boys’ Life July, 1966.


2. JACK TIPPIT. The Saturday Evening Post August 5, 1961.


3. WALTER GOLDSTEIN. The Saturday Evening Post October 29, 1953.


4. MORT TEMES. True Magazine November, 1948.


5. GEORGE DOLE. American Magazine October, 1963.


6. RONALD SEARLE. Punch May 26, 1952.

 "He only does it to start us all off."



7. JOHN MILLIGAN. Collier’s June 25, 1954.


8. VIRGIL PARTCH. American Legion Magazine November, 1947.


9. BILL POLVOGT. Look Magazine May 12, 1959.


10. HANK KETCHAM. American Legion Magazine September, 1947.


11. BILL WENZEL. True Magazine August, 1963.


12. BORIS DRUCKER. Look Magazine April 24, 1962.


13. DON TOBIN. The Saturday Evening July 10, 1954.


14. IRV HAGGLUND. 1000 Jokes Magazine December, 1947 – February, 1948.


15. CLYDE LAMB. Judge September, 1946.






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