Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Girl Scouts of America Activity Booklet: "It's Fun To Design" by Kathleen B. Kelly

"It's Fun To Design" by Kathleen B. Kelly is a 6" x 9" staple-bound booklet that was printed by the Girl Scouts of America in 1944. There are some fun tricks in here about design, but there's also some serious foundation that Kelly lays out regarding placement and color. This is a well used booklet, so I'm hopeful that it was impactful. There is nothing about this booklet on the web, except for a listing on Amazon for a used copy. Kathleen B. Kelly does a terrific job of introducing design sensibilities, and her writing ("Did you ever say to yourself, 'I can't draw???'") acknowledges the fear a lot of kids have when trying something new. Her voice is is compelling and fun, even some eighty years later. I wish there was more information about this book and Ms. Kelly, but I can't find any.

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