Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Platinum Age Comics List Annual Meeting at FiBD Angoulême 2024

The annual Angoulême International Comics Festival honors comics in all forms in its annual convention in Angoulême, France next week. 

One of the events will be the annual meeting of the Platinum Age Comics List, which is dedicated to the late David Kunzle. Here are the details:

Platinum Age Comics List annual meeting at FiBD Angoulême 2024
The Plat Meeting, the annual meeting of the Platinum Age Comics List, will be held on Friday, January 26th, 2024, starting at 2 pm at the Musée de la bande dessinée's documentation center in Angoulême.
The aim of the "Plat Meeting" presentations is to share and discuss comics and other graphic literature of the 19th and early 20th century.
Already scheduled:
Tribute to David Kunzle (1936-2024)
The great comics historian, author of books on both 19th century comics and pioneers like Töpffer, Cham and Gustave Doré, passed away on January 1st. We will dedicate this meeting to his memory and work.
Dauntless Dames: High-Heeled Heroes of the Comics, by Peter Maresca
Presentation of the new book edited by Peter Maresca and Trina Robbins for Fantagraphics, an anthology of American comics from the late 1930s to the early 1950s featuring intelligent, intrepid and independent heroines.
The visual genealogies of Adamson/Silent Sam, by Fredrik Strömberg
A look at Adamson/Silent Sam by Swedish artist Oscar Jacobsson (1889–1945), one of the most widely syndicated international comic strips of the interbellum, comparing it to Adamson comics produced by ghost artists all over the world.
In the shadow of Professor Nimbus, by Antoine Sausverd
Presentation of the first French strip, Les aventures du professeur Nimbus, created in 1934 by André Daix and distributed in some 50 countries.
Deutsche Comicforschung 2005-2024
Presentation of the contents of the latest issue of Deutsche Comicforschung, the German magazine for the study of comics edited by Eckart Sackmann.
Origins of the Spanish comics (1857-1939), by Félix López
Overview of the birth and evolution of comics in Spain between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
These presentations last a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes, are free and open to the public. Anyone wishing to contribute, is welcome, provided they contact me to be included in the program.
Prior to the "Plat Meeting", those wishing to attend can also join us for the traditional "Plat Luncheon", to be held on the same day at 12 am in the restaurant on the top floor of the Vaisseau Moebius: (no reservation necessary).
What is the Platinum Age Comics List? Founded in 1999 by Robert Beerbohm, this discussion list brings together over 500 people in some 30 countries, who are interested in the study of comics published from the 19th century to the mid-1930s.

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