Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Rumpole of the Bailey Captioning

Here's some bit of editorial comment that I discovered since I watch TV with the subtitles on. Also, this morning I was up pre-dawn thanks to an insistent cat and couldn't get back to sleep. Then I remembered this oddball thing that I've noticed these past weeks (see paragraph below) and took these pics of the TV screen in the dark living room while I got the woodstove going.

Below are a dozen of the same opening caricatures of Leo McKern from the Rumpole of the Bailey TV show. This is the subtitled version I stream on Amazon Prime. Odd thing: the closed caption description of the theme music changes from show to show, describing the signature tune as “jaunty theme music,” “whimsical music,” “whimsical melancholic,” “brooding,” “gentle, “upbeat,” and so on. The music never changes, but the captions sure are all over the place in describing it. I haven’t a clue as to why whoever is captioning this hasn’t locked down a standard description, but there it is.


Oh, and if anyone can tell me why Amazon won't allow Rumpole of the Bailey Series 2 Episode 4 to be streamed in the States, let me know. (My guess: inappropriate racial content from 1979. Fortunately, I have the series on DVD and can check that out myself.)

And the description of Rumpole is all off. He doesn't drink whiskey, he drinks claret (Chateau Thames Embankment or Pomeroy's Plonk) and he is far from a successful attorney, always scrounging for a new brief and not paying the phone bill, etc.

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