Tuesday, April 23, 2013

George Clark Originals

From THE NEIGHBORS by George Clark: kid to Dad: "I'll fill you in on the plot, Dad. The bunny keeps socking clownie on the schnozzle." Date of publication: 11/30/64

George Clark (1902-1981) drew THE NEIGHBORS, a syndicated newspaper panel, from 1939 to 1976. The feature won a National Cartoonists Society Division Award for Best Newspaper Panel in 1961. Known for his confident, breezy style, here are a few close ups of his originals.

These are for sale, for the next day or so.

"Dad always gives the same advice to everyone -- 'I wouldn't go out on a limb if I were you.'"

Wonderful brushwork, with a graying effect by moving a dry brush over slightly pebbled bristol.

"I'm afraid your mother was right, dear. I DON'T make enough to support a wife and family."

"I could throw a tantrum and get to go to your house. But I'm saving that for something more important."


Mark Anderson said...

That inking is to die for!

Dan Reynolds said...

I think you mean that inking is to "dye" for.

vollsticks said...

God I LOVE looking at original art...the white-out...the elegant brush strokes...deft non-photo blue pencilling...I'm having an eyegasm, this stuff is gorgeous.