Monday, April 15, 2013

Netflix Recommends STAR WARS

I recently went back to getting those Netflix DVDs by mail. When you open the envelope, there's an advertisement on the interior. This time, instead of an ad for a new bromance or BRIDESMAIDS 2 or whatever, there was this small photo of a fellow named Chris Jungwirth recommending that I watch STAR WARS, a movie "taking place 'A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ....'" And Chris goes on to tell me it "demands multiple viewings" even if I "have seen it 100 times."

STAR WARS? Really?

Let's go back in time to Netflix headquarters.

I know that when the boss walks into your cubicle, it's an emotional moment. You smile and say hi -- but in the back of your mind you wonder if you are in trouble. Is he there

  • to reprimand, 
  • to fire, 
  • to tell you to fire someone else, 
  • to tell you you have to now do the job of the person that you will have to fire for no extra pay, etc?

So, when he tells you that you are going to provide some content for the Netflix mailer because there is no advertising to put in it this week, maybe it's a relief.

But really.

All of those movies you guys got and you go and recommend the biggest movie of all time, STAR WARS? Couldn't you go for something a little less known? Or, Chris, did you initially do that, and then get pooh-poohed by Scary Boss?

This was a lost opportunity to showcase a lesser-known movie.

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