Thursday, April 04, 2013

Update: Bil Keane Statue Now Over Goal

Above: the "Giddy Yup Daddy" maquette model of the proposed statue, co-designed by sons Glen and Jeff Keane.

A statue to commemorate Bil Keane, creator of the long-running newspaper panel FAMILY CIRCUS, has been proposed in Bil's home of Paradise Valley, AZ.

This 14 minute video has a lot of great vintage photos of Bil through the years.

You may make a tax deductable contribution to help the project here.

UPDATE April 3, 2013: Long Family Gift Puts Funds for Bil Keane Stature Over Goal of $75,000.


Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

How much has been raised?

Mike Lynch said...

$75,000 was the goal. The statue was designed by his sons, Glen and Jeff. There's a lot more info at the link.

Mike Lynch said...

I've posted the information that Marc asks for in the body of the blog entry.