Friday, April 12, 2013

Short Spoiler-Free Review: PROMETHEUS

Finally saw PROMETHEUS. Great visuals, design, terrific acting -- but -- uh -- the script? I mean, I was laughing at how silly it was. It was also relentlessly, sadly, violent, pretty much toward everyone -- but especially the lead.

Above: from top to bottom, land vehicles from the movie DAMNATION ALLEY (1977), the Saturday morning CBS TV live-action show ARK II (1976) and PROMETHEUS (2012).

But, really, just look at these guys and their spacesuits inspired from MAN FROM PLANET X and PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES. It's not like the movie was culling inspiration from the Great Important Works of Literature. The ship still has the Ron Cobb influence from the 1979 ALIEN film. (Ron Cobb went from editorial cartoonist to movie designer, don'tcha know.) But some of the land vehicles look like they are straight outta DAMNATION ALLEY or ARK II.

Anyway, it's Ridley Scott so it's a spectacle and worth a view if you like space movies. But if you do not like blood and guts, avoid it.

Anyone know if it was a specific reference to DOCTOR WHO to have the lead scientist named Liz Shaw?

EDIT: My pal Mark Anderson points out this (very spoilery) video from CinemaSins listing the many sins in the movie. It's very funny and is a lot more entertaining than PROMETHEUS! Thanks, Mark!


Mark Anderson said...

Did you see this?

Jack said...

Saw that Damnation Alley truck for years, rusting away parked near my High School -- Central Memorial, in Calgary, Alberta.