Friday, May 10, 2013

UPDATED: Can You Help with This Siegel and Shuster "Superman" Photo?

If you have a hi res version of this photo of Siegel andShuster, please let me know. Note the misspelling of Joe Shuster as "Schuster." Ugh!

I'm also trying to find its original source. It's for a forthcoming book. Please leave a comment or send me a private email. Thanks.

UPDATE: Same question with the following photos. Does anyone have a hi res source and know who owns the rights? Thanks in advance!


Billy Hogan said...

I have no idea about the exact location this photo was taken, but the PBS series History Detective had an episode about a Superman sketch, autographed by his creators. It turned out that a woman's father had been an usher at a movie theater where the Superman creators did an appearance to do sketches and promote the then new Superman cartoon series. Here is the link to that History Detective episode:

Bob Buethe said...

The last photo, of Joe Shuster, appeared in Superman #1 in 1939, on a "Meet the Creators" page. I'd assume that DC Comics owns the rights to it.