Monday, May 20, 2013

Maine Comics Arts Festival 2013

Well, the fifth annual Maine Comics Arts Festival 2013 ocurred on a windy, cloudy day in the port of Portlanad, Maine. If you didn't get a chance to come, consider visiting next year.

This was a bigger event than last year, with more people than ever before. The lines of people wanting an autograph from convention guest Jeff Smith went out the door. Jeff drew BONE and if you know BONE, then you know he's the fellow who drew the poster above.

As a person who sells stuff at a table, I'm not a good reporter. It's hard to get out and see everything. You automatically have to neglect your table of comics your are selling. But, I did get a chance to wander the Ocean Gateway (above), where a lot of the action was.

Here are a few things I saw ...

My table-mate John Klossner posted this drawing on the wall above his head.

Above: Dave Roman and Raina Telgemeier had a busy day.

Mark Ricketts signs his new book A FLATLANDER'S GUIDE TO MAINE.

Cara Bean's new comic MS. BEAN'S ART CLASS is terrific.

A shot of the room. Yes, the clothing de rigueur seemed to be either plaid or black. The fellow in the red, Murilo Martins, traveled from Brazil to be at the MeCAF. He also did Stumptown and TCAF.

Gentleman cartoonist Jay Piscopo drew sketches all day for fans. He charged $0. What a guy!

Above: Rick Parker holds court.

Marek Bennett has a busy table. Out of view, but just as busy is Colin Tedford, head of the Hills and Trees Comics Group.

One corner of John Platt's incredible output.

Bob Flynn produced "free monster drawings!"

This is my table with table-mate John Klossner pulling a full-on Carol Merrill "and look at all the fabulous comics you can buy!" pose.

And here's the actual Carol Merrill from 1963, the model from LET'S MAKE A DEAL, who pointed at new bedroom sets, hairdryers, etc. that contestants could win.

John does a good job.

A shout out to my pal Jeff Pert, who I do not have a photo of. He was near the entrance to MECAF and hosted a cartoon drawing class for kids. A busy guy!


Mark Anderson said...

Man, I wish I coulda been there! It looks like a great time!!

BTW, is Klossner wearing heels like Merrill?

When do we get to see your books!??!

Dan Reynolds said...

Every year I say, "invite me - I'll come", and ne'er do I get an invite.