Tuesday, May 07, 2013

New York Times: A Crummy Rerun

Did you get the Sunday New York Times?

I was sorry to see that as of April 28, 2013, they are dropping the Sky Watch feature. This feature had appeared on the bottom of the last page of the Sports section and tells you if Saturn is visible in the sky and if there will be a meteor shower and so on. I always liked Sky Watch, even when I lived in Brooklyn and could barely make out Orion's belt in the night sky.

On the bottom of the April 28th edition, there is a small note saying this will be the last time that the Times will run Sky Watch.

Here are the most recent Sunday Sports sections, from April 28th and May 5th. I was planning on taking a photo of the front pages of each but Fergus the cat jumped up on the table and had to have a quick wash as the shutter snapped. So, here are the 2 papers and Fergus, washing his hind quarters.

And, below, is the April 28 "last" Sky Watch, and, on the right, the exact same April 28 Sky Watch that was rerun in the following week's paper.

Talk about adding insult to injury. At least run the Sky Watch for May 5th, darn it! People say newspapers are dying. Being slipshod and irrelevant doesn't help the impression.

You can still get your Sky Watch online at Space.com. And it's not a rerun there.

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